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August 5, 2015

Currently I have water lily images among others at the Lanesboro Arts Gallery.

While preparing for a canoe and camping trip on the Mississippi,
I was sidetracked for a bit this morning by the cave wall image I had
posted on July 11, and decided to add more photos today,
Dad's birthday, from that winter trip to view the mainland caves
and arches of the Apostle Islands National Lakeshore.

Endless textures and patterns and colors await you if you make
this trip. The ice on Lake Superior is not safe most years, so check
the park website before travelling to the park.

July 11, 2015

Patterns in Nature
Jim Brandenburg, Juror

The Minneapolis Photo Center will host an exhibit from
July 24 through September 6, titled "Patterns In Nature".
This call for entry exhibit was juried by environmentalist
and nature photographer Jim Brandenburg. Photographers
from around the world submitted images, 72 were selected,
and I was very fortunate to have three accepted into this show.

There will be an opening reception at the Photo Center on
Friday, July 24, from 6:30 to 9:00 PM. As it turns out, I had
previously committed to be in a Lanesboro community
musical that evening. Unfortunate!

Contact the Photo Center:

Mpls Photo Center
2400 North Second Street
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55411
phone: 612.643.3511
visit: www.mplsphotocenter.com

And here are the three images which were selected for this exhibit.

Sea Cave Wall, Apostle Islands National Lakeshore

Limestone Quarry Stains and Roots

Sawn Stump In Field

July 09, 2015

A new website is coming soon. Please check back in early AUGUST 2015.

One of my current projects is to create a local food producer poster for the town grocery, Beste Byen. Lanesboro is a small town of fewer than 800 people, and is supported in large part by the tourism industry, primarily from May through October. Sustaining a year round grocery which features locally produced, high quality food is a challenge. It is my hope that environmental portraits of local producers will help to inform customers about the quality of foods produced by their neighbors in southeast Minnesota. The presentation will include textual descriptions of operations. The plan is to rotate posters on a regular basis. The first portrait features Kitty Baker of Root River Wilds. She cares for three dozen hens and supplies the grocery with eggs, the yolks of which are impossibly deep orange.

In retrospect, I should have included an image such as shown
below in this poster, to illustrate what her product really looks
like inside. These four eggs were cracked into a glass bowl on
the granite window sill. Taken this morning with an iPhone5S,
the image received no processing or modification. I will include
this photo in the little write-up which will be placed next to the poster.

Below is a tryptic created from images taken a year ago or so. By moving the iPhone around at close range, I was able to incorporate reflections of windows and cherry cabinets, which added to the interest.

February 26, 2014

Ice Caves at Apostle Islands National Lakeshore

Take advantage of a rare occasion and visit the mainland ice caves
at this national park if you are nearby. It is located at GPS address: 90500 Meyers Road.

You may have to walk a mile along a highway just to reach the parking
lot, and then walk another mile to the caves. But these ice formations
are worth it. Take a tripod if you want good depth of field in the dark interiors.
You will have many, many co-visitors, all taking advantage of this little
national treasure!

Winds may cause the ice on the lake to crack and break up at any time,
so check ahead for current conditions. "Before heading to the caves,
please call the Ice Line at (715) 779-3397 - extension 3, for the most
current ice condition information."

I am back to work and do promise to have a new website soon.

All images copyright David Tacke

Center top includes little sand ridges of an ancient beach.

Interesting images can be created by simply duplicating an image and pairing it with it's inverse.

Images can be further complicated by pairing a vertically flipped image with it's inverse.

All images copyright David Tacke
August 29, 2013

Since returning in April from my Spring 2013 Western National Park trip, I have worked on new landscape imagery in southeast Minnesota, am nearing completion of a new working studio, and am pleased to have had several recent images accepted at juried exhibits, including the Rural Americans exhibit at the Lanesboro Arts Center in Lanesboro, Minnesota, and the Horizontal Grandeur National Prairie Art Exhibition at the Stevens County History Museum in Morris, Minnesota.

This page is comprised of two sections, the first containing information on the Exhibits and the second containing a few of the images I made on the spring trip. I will add caption documents, including proper scientific and technical information, for all the images...soon.
    Note: Displaying panoramic images is a bit problematic, since the long image width distorts other page formatting. As a result, I have made small, thumbnail images and then created a link for each thumbnail so that long images can be viewed in a separate document window. To view the panoramas in a separate window, either click on the panorama thumbnail or click on this text below the thumbnail.
    Click here to view this panorama

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The Horizontal Grandeur exhibit runs from July 11 through October 28, 2013 in Morris, Minnesota.

The Stevens County Museum show focused on the prairie, with artists invited from across the prairie states and provinces of North America. The title 'Horizontal Grandeur' was inspired by an essay of the same name by Minnesota Poet, Bill Holm. Having grown up on a farm, roaming the fields and pastures and prairies of South Dakota, early on I developed the habit of seeing the landscape in a horizontal, panoramic view, particularly on cloudless days. I was attracted by the theme of the Stevens County exhibit and was gratified to have had these two images accepted.

Horizontal Grandeur image 1: Storm Clearing over Lanesboro, Minnesota

Horizontal Grandeur image 1: Evening, Harvest Green and Gold, Preston, Minnesota
Click Here to view this panorama.

The Rural Americans exhibit at the Lanesboro Arts Center ran from June 8 through August 11, 2013.

The village of Lanesboro is blessed with many people committed to advocating, supporting and actively participating in the arts. As a result of their efforts, this summer Lanesboro was named one of America's top twelve art places by ArtPlace. In addition, the Lanesboro Arts Center and Campus recently received substantial grants from ArtPlace and the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) to help integrate art into the fabric of Lanesboro community life and infrastructure.

This internal panorama of a busy cafe at noon was accepted into the Rural Americans exhibit.

Judy's Country Kitchen, Peterson, Minnesota
Click Here to view Panorama Image


In this section I include a few of the images I made on my early spring drive through some of our western national parks, in the order taken.

These images were made with the Nikon D800e camera, in contrast to images made specifically for my trip blog site, which I made with the iPhone 4S. I found the multi-functional handiness of the iPhone to be well suited to capturing content for the blog, although battery life was a significant issue, given that the device served as still camera, movie camera, voice recorder, voice-to-text translator and occasionally web site content update tool. For adding content and posts to the blog, the iPad tablet actually functioned much more easily with the Wordpress blog software. To a certain degree, I use the iPhone and Leica DLux4 as in the past I used a 35mm camera, having it handy at all times, and I use the D800e for some of the functions for which I used a 4x5 field camera, on a tripod. With the D800e, I sometimes pop on old Leica R lenses which I have adapted with Nikon bayonets. However, I do have a supply of 4x5 film which I intend to put to use soon!

And, although the D800e is capable of capturing images in three formats, I almost always use two formats, alternating between the old standard 4x5 and the default 24x36.

In future I will organize the images on this page into the standard "tabs" which I have employed previously on this site. And, I will add pertinent information, such as location names, plant names, interesting and sometimes technical information.

Dinosaur Footprint in the Paluxy River (look just right and below center)
Dinosaur Valley State Park, Texas

Re-purposed Grain Elevator

Yucca with Striated Rock Formation
Big Bend National Park

Rock Formation, Los Chisos Basin
Big Bend National Park

Rock Formation, Los Chisos Basin
[On the schedule, print this and select others on silver halide in new darkroom.]
Big Bend National Park

Los Chisos Basin
Big Bend National Park

Evening, Rock Formation, Los Chisos Basin
Big Bend National Park

Los Chisos Formation on Edge of Basin, Moon
Big Bend National Park

Panorama of Sunset, Big Bend National Park
Click Here to view this panorama

Little White Flower Amid Dead Mass
Big Bend National Partk

Window and Door, Drainpipe, Abandoned Bathhouse,
Big Bend National Park

Conjoined Flowers
Big Bend National Park

Conjoined Flowers, Detail
Big Bend National Park

Dead Ocotillo With White and Yellow Flowers
Big Bend National Park

Yellow flower with Heart Shaped Petals
Big Bend National Park

Yellow Flower and Creosote Plant
Big Bend National Park

White Coreopsis Type Flower
[Elegant, asymmetric, pure white flower amid thorns and brambles and sparse leaves.]
Big Bend National Park

Evening, White Sands Near US Army Missile Range
White Sands National Monument
Click here to view this panorama

Kitt Peak, Ocotillo, Creosote Bush, Saguaro and other Cacti
Saguaro National Park, West
Click here to view this panorama

Volcanic Debris, Mainly Oxidized Iron Salts, With Mica and Manganese, Artist's Drive and Palette
Death Valley National Park
[Captivating. Next time I will take time so sit and watch the colors morph as the sun changes.]
Click here to view this panorama

Zabriskie Point
Death Valley National Park
[Panoramas need to be viewed quite large to more fully appreciate detail.]
Click here to view this panorama

Photographer, Eureka Dunes
Death Valley National Park

Eastern Sierra, Owens Valley, Three Cinder Cones
Click here to view this panorama

Spring, West of Yosemite National Park along California Highway 120
[Having been to California only in summer and fall, I discovered lush, green landscapes in spring!]
Click here to view this panorama

Sequoia Bark
Yosemite National Park

White Trillium Opening
Redwood National Park

White Trillium
Redwood National Park

Driftwood Detail
Oregon Coast

Hemlock, Wizard Island
Crater Lake National Park

Near White Bird
Click here to view this panorama

As always, all images on this site are copyright David Tacke and may not be used without permission.


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